Difference Between Vedic Math and Modern Math
Vedic Maths

Difference Between Vedic Math and Modern Math

Jul 29, 2022

Every problem in life can be dealt with in various ways. The same universal life principle goes for mathematics subject. Among such different methods, Vedic Mathematics is one. It is not just one of many, but a very effective one. 

A lot of kids complain about maths. They don’t understand it right away so they start losing interest in this subject. Kids need to get a good grasp of the subject so they can lead a comfortable life in the future.

Because people who are good at numbers will remain confident throughout their life as maths is a big part of society. We do bargains and businesses based on math and a lack in that area can be detrimental to a kid’s life growth. As every parent understands this need, they always look for ways that make understanding math concepts smooth sailing for their kids. 

For such dedicated parents, we present Vedic Maths a cluster of techniques that differ from modern Maths making performing calculations easy with short & easy tips & tricks to solve even complex calculations.

What is the difference between Vedic Math and Modern Math?

Here Check the difference Between Vedic math or Modern math.

Saves time by fewer computational steps – 

There are a total of 16 Sutras and 13 sub-sutras in Vedic maths that make computations a whole lot easier. Each sutra aims to diminish the complexity and thus can be finished in fewer steps compared to simple maths. This saves so much time. 

For example, consider 1032. The answer is 10,609. It takes a good amount of time to solve this using simple maths but with Vedic maths, it only takes about three steps, precisely, and a minute of time. 

This saves a lot of time during exams. Time is especially important with competitive exams like – Olympiad Exams

Maths becomes fun –

Kids naturally enjoy a good challenge. Maths is very challenging, indeed, but kids might lose interest if it becomes too complex. Modern maths takes a lengthy approach to solutions whereas, with Vedic maths, the approach is compact and swift. The challenges with Vedic mathematics seem enjoyable and after arriving at a solution, it feels gratifying. 

This is the kind of method kids need, to challenge themselves positively and encourage learning.

Follows the natural Reasoning Ability –

Modern maths is very tightly wound with complicated theorems, solutions, and formulas. The procedure to solve a problem depends completely on a defined set of steps. One has to simply heart those formulas or theorems, there is no other way.

However, with Vedic maths, most of the formulas follow a human’s natural logical mindset. In a way, it boosts our innate ability of logic and reasoning. It is quite easily understandable and executable. Kids take the reason behind applying a sutra, so they also remember them for a long time. 

Creates a strong foundation for advanced maths –

As kids grow up, they shift to advanced mathematics. It is inevitable. So it is very much crucial to have a good foundation to do well later in advanced maths. Though Vedic Maths cannot completely replace modern maths, it sure builds a strong mathematical foundation.

Vedic maths has a way to make kids fall in love with numbers. As we all know, once kids start enjoying something, they will never leave it. Enroll Vedic Maths for Exam Preparation.

 Stimulates better brain development –

As discussed already above, Vedic maths enhances logical reasoning. The formulas are not mugged up but well understood by kids so it stimulates the brain. Further, Vedic maths tricks also aid in fast mental calculations. This enables better brain development in kids. 

Education must ensure a kid’s overall development. It should never be narrowed down to just one area. Vedic maths ensures it’s more than just numbers as it develops critical thinking and other cognitive abilities. 

That is why Vedic maths for kids is proven to be much more useful than simple maths. 

ALLEN IntelliBrain is one of the leading online learning programs well-received by both kids and parents alike. Kids from grades 1 to 8 (& above) may enroll in its short-term courses and sharpen their maths skills. 

Why Vedic Maths Classes by ALLEN IntelliBrain are the best?

  • ALLEN IntelliBrain follows a structured Class-wise program aimed to provide conceptual understanding to kids.
  • Live Interactive Sessions to develop a stronger understanding of concepts & instant doubt solutions during the sessions
  • Practice Worksheet for longer memory retention & to encourage speedy & accurate calculations
  • Availability of session recordings to inculcate a habit of continuous revision of concepts
  • Periodic Assessments of concepts to test the knowledge of the learners
  • Conduction of E-PTMs for regular catch-ups with parents & their observations for the sessions & kids’ progress so far.

ALLEN IntelliBrain works continuously to provide World-Class learning to kids to develop a strong academic foundation. Vedic Maths Classes is one such initiative where we aim to develop a Love for Numbers in kids with Easy tips & tricks of Vedic Mathematics. Thousands of parents made their kids a part of these structured classes & have seen tremendous growth in Calculation speed, accuracy & understanding of mathematical concepts. Enroll your kids once & observe the difference.

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