Importance of Science Activities for Kids

Importance of Science Activities for Kids

Nov 23, 2022

Science is everywhere, and it’s remarkable how often it can be discovered in the most common daily objects. A simple act of cooking, or a plant growing on our balcony, can teach us a lot about science.

Science can be referred to as any body of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena that involves observation and experimentation. Science, in general, is the pursuit of knowledge about universal truths or the operation of fundamental laws.

Young kids have a natural curiosity about the world, so we should take advantage of this curiosity and start sparking their interest in scientific exploration by introducing science toys and performing other activities for science. Here are some benefits of teaching science to kids through activities.

  • Science Activities can Excite Kids

Kids learn better when they are actively involved in the process of learning. And that’s where hands-on learning comes in! This implies having the opportunity to conduct experiments, ask questions, and engage in discussions. Kids are inspired and excited to explore numerous science topics when they engage in practical activities. 

ALLEN Intelli SMART Box includes a variety of activities and experiments that have real-world applications. These activities are developed by the best child development team, put to the test in real-world settings, and received rave reviews from kids, parents, and academics. The materials included are of the finest quality, safe, and reusable. 

Here are some of the activities included in the ALLEN Intelli SMART Box for kids

  • Four Seasons
  • An Air Powered Car
  • Solar System Model
  • Ancient Methods of Checking time
  • Magnetic Flying Fish
  • Water Tank Alarm
  • Tie & Dye Pattern Technique
  • Give a fundamental understanding of concepts and scientific reasoning

Science education in the early years can build a solid foundation that will serve them well. It involves tapping their sense of curiosity and educating them on the fundamentals of science in order to make them understand how things function. By incorporating Science with fun activities, kids get exposed to a lot of concepts to promote scientific thinking.

  • Provide an opportunity to plan activities

It provides a fantastic opportunity to involve kids in science. The ability to plan and carry out experiments gives them a feeling of ownership, which in turn motivates them to take ownership of what they learn and enjoy experimenting on their own.

  • Promote academic excellence

A recent study from the University of Chicago found that kids who perform scientific experiments have a deeper understanding of concepts and do better in science exams. It also necessitates less stress and effort on their part to blindly memorize scientific concepts and theories. 

ALLEN Intelli SMART Box is one of the best activity-based learning kits in India, suitable for kids in Grades 1 to 8. It includes a strong 360° learning process, which is an excellent way to supplement boring dry lectures with practical activities. It combines academics with engaging play-based fun activities to help kids improve their cognitive and motor skills. It also provides real-life applications of ideas and concepts, resulting in 70% greater knowledge retention

The box contains extensive explanatory booklets, simple step-by-step instructions, videos, and fun worksheets that allow kids to Explore, Observe & Learn.

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