Reasons why Parents should choose Online Learning Programs for their Kids
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Reasons why Parents should choose Online Learning Programs for their Kids

Jan 3, 2023

Online learning is a method of learning that does not require the learner to be physically present in a traditional classroom setting but rather takes place through the Internet. This preference for learning has shifted dramatically as technology has advanced and the internet has become more easily accessible. Not to mention that since the start of the global pandemic crisis in 2020, Online learning for kids has resulted in a significant increase in acceptance and growth.

According to the latest statistics, the Indian online education sector has grown fourfold since 2019, to USD 3 billion, with over 40 million students.

It’s interesting to note that the majority of parents now prefer online learning for their kids over the traditional method of education due to its greatly convincing features. If you’re still sceptical, then consider the following reasons why parents prefer online learning for kids.

  • Convenience

What is obvious is how convenient online learning is. It gives working parents who have hectic schedules a sense of greater control over the learning process and their kids’ education. Additionally, it does not require parents to drive their kids to a certain location or to worry about their safety or the environment to which they would be exposed. Parents feel more at ease knowing their kids are receiving the individualised support they need to study and develop their abilities at home and in their own comfort zone.

  • Accessibility

The majority of online learning platforms are meant to be more accessible for kids as well as parents. It allows parents to stay up to date on what their kids are learning by enabling them to check the schedule and keep track of what their kids have attended or missed. They can also monitor their kids’ progress on a regular basis. Another significant advantage is that parents can attend e-ptm from the comfort of their own homes and discuss in detail, without interruption, their kid’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Updated Content and Curriculum

One of the most significant advantages of online learning programmes is that kids have access to up-to-date, high-quality course content and curriculum. These programmes are regularly analysed, reviewed, and updated to meet the current needs and demands of modern learners. Parents may be assured that their kids are exposed to appropriate curricula that will help them perform well in school exams and general knowledge assessments.

  • Self Paced

The inefficiency of traditional schooling is largely due to the fact that every kid learns differently and requires a different level of attention. Online learning allows kids to complete lessons at their own pace and convenience. They are permitted to take their time with the more difficult topics and move quickly through the easy ones. Furthermore, the topics are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This self-paced learning with no time constraints enables kids to develop self-discipline and independence.

One thing is certain: Online Learning is here to stay, and there are a rising number of reasons why parents prefer online learning over traditional education. ALLEN IntelliBrain offers IHS Online Tuition Classes for kids in Grades 1 to 8 in major subjects such as English, Science & Math. It is regarded as one of the best Tuition Classes since the classes are extremely interactive and emphasise experiential learning. The best aspect is that its curriculum is compliant with all boards, so it does not require a second thought.

Furthermore, there are regular Live Assessments for kids to track their own progress, as well as regular catch-up with parents to comprehend their kids’ progress. As part of e-PTMs, kids and parents are also able to interact to discuss kids’ progress from time to time. These classes have received favourable responses from both parents and children, making it the ideal choice.

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