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Coding for Kids

Best Online Coding Courses for Kids – ALLEN IntelliBrain

Sep 19, 2022

Best Online Coding Courses for Kids – Coding is considered the language of the modern world and it has inarguably emerged as one of the most important skills to excel in this day in age of computers. 

In the fast-paced world of technological advancement, learning and practicing different coding languages right from an early age will help kids gain a competitive edge over their peers, and more importantly, foster their creative thinking.

Coding skill has become so crucial today that countries have been including it in students’ curriculum since their early age.

In India, National Education Policy 2020 has mandated the introduction of various programming languages as a skill subject. This is a crucial learning period and learning to code at an early age will equip them with the knowledge to solve real-world problems through the use of technology. 

By learning to code now, kids are likely to grow up to be inventors of technology. Contrary to popular belief, learning to code is no big challenge. With the right guidance and support, any kid can crack codes.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of coding courses available on different online platforms. However, it is important that the right course is picked to ensure the desired learning outcome.

ALLEN IntelliBrain Coding Classes is one of the Best Online Coding Courses for kids from Grades 1 to 8 (& above). Kids have access to One-on-One Live Online Coding classes with trainers where they learn, practice, and resolve doubts. 

Why choose ALLEN IntelliBrain for Online Coding Classes for Kids?

Here are some unique features of ALLEN IntelliBrain Online Coding Courses:

  • In-Depth Understanding of the Coding Languages

The course structure is designed in a way that enables the kids to develop an extensive understanding of the various coding software and platforms. 

  • Taught and Mentored by Industry Experts

Coding Experts groom kids into intelligent coders. They focus on enhancing and encouraging the kids to develop a creator’s mindset and simultaneously developing their technical skills so that they can better understand the programming of the design they have in mind. This helps them in better visualization of their ideas.

  • Self-paced learning

Online Coding Class for Kids is taught from a beginner to an advanced level, where the kids will start by learning about Block based & Text-based Coding, followed by various programming languages such as Python, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, etc. Kids get more proficient with coding languages as their learning curve progresses.

  • Well-Structured Course Structure

These online coding courses range from Basic Programming to Mobile and App Development and Data Science & AI courses depending upon the interest of the kid.

  • Regular Evaluation understanding

Regular assessment of the kid’s progress and coding aptitude is conducted and shared with the parents to track the kid’s progress. This helps the kids to understand their strengths and weaknesses with an approach to becoming better.

  • Certification of completion

After the completion of each level, a Certificate of Course Completion is provided. This boosts the morale of the kids as they become more eager to learn.

  • Sowing seeds of creativity in the young coders

By learning coding online under the mentorship of experienced teachers, kids can connect the dots of different programming languages and develop their mindset to have a creative and intellectual bent right from an early age.

  • Understanding the real-life applications of Coding

Another crucial aspect here is teaching kids the real-life relevance of coding. Only once they understand the implications of coding in their daily lives, they will start observing and developing their knowledge base. Bookish or rote learning does not make the kids great coders, rather attention to detail and creative deliberation will! This approach is being highly prioritized in the teaching style of these coding courses.

  • Dynamic Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is designed with a dynamic approach and is in line with National Education Policy 2020 so as to help kids correlate their coding knowledge with recent technological & Academic advancements.

ALLEN IntelliBrain believes in making learning fun and interactive to captivate young minds and help mould them into confident and bright professionals.

It is through education that one can change the course of their life and the lives of others. It was in his Harvard Dorm room that Mark Zuckerburg built Facebook. His main domain of specialization was coding at the time when mobile applications were limited. His far-sighted and pioneer approach truly transformed the social media sphere. 

ALLEN IntelliBrain Online Coding Courses provides a wide range of coding classes for different domains ranging from basic programming to Game and App development. Kids enrolled in the live course are exposed to diverse streams of coding and can explore their interest areas to find what suits them best. With its online one-on-one mentorship programme ALLEN aims to expand basic programming literacy to Gen Z. They are encouraged to be creative, think out of the box, and cross-question. 

To know more about the ALLEN IntelliBrain Live One-on-One Coding Courses, kindly request a call back from our team to book a Free Experience Session.

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