How to Sharpen Focus and Concentration in kids?
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How to Sharpen Focus and Concentration in kids?

Nov 6, 2023

We live in a time where there are abundant distractions and maintaining focus and concentration has become an extremely challenging task. Kids are often distracted with easily available smartphones, play stations, TV, etc, and lose the focus or attention span. Therefore, it has become crucial for parents or caretakers to address this issue, be it for academic achievements or promote personal development. In this article we will explore the importance of focus and concentration in kids as well as share a few practical ways to improve concentration and focus.

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The Importance of Focus and Concentration

Focus and concentration are the two primary foundations of productivity and success. It allows kids to positively direct their energy and attention into something meaningful. These are often attributes to achieving goals and success throughout life.  

  • Academic Achievement

Focus and concentration allows kids to deeply understand the topics they study and retain the information more effectively. As a result, they are able to score well and reach new heights of academic success.

  • Problem-Solving

Focus and concentration allows kids to look at any complex problem methodically and avoid panics. They are able to analyse the issue and take critical decisions with ease.

  • Self-Discipline

Having an improved attention span and improved focus instil self-discipline in kids. They are able to identify distractions and avoid it consciously.

  • Reduced Stress

When kids are able to concentrate and focus on any task, they get fully involved and immersed in it. The chances of being overwhelmed and anxious of deadlines or the tasks reduces.

  • Enhanced Creativity

Focus and concentration bring peace of mind that in turn provides the necessary mental space for creativity and innovations.

Practical Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration

Here is a list of practical techniques to help kids increase their focus and concentration.

  • Create a dedicated study environment

Setup a dedicated space at home that is quiet, organised with all the study materials and no distractions of TV or chatting of family members. It will help kids to have improved concentration and grasp topics with understanding.

  • Establish a Routine

Make a detailed and well balanced time table for kids that includes wake-up time, school time, meals, subject wise study as well as time for hobbies or play time. Encourage kids to follow this everyday until it becomes a natural routine.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Do not overburden kids with unrealistic goals or targets. Set a number of small realistic goals an/d celebrate every small achievement.  It will help kids to be motivated and committed to the bigger goal.

  • Prioritise sleep and nutrition

Make sure that the kid gets enough sleep, be it in the afternoon or at night. Keep a well balanced and healthy diet plan according to the kids age and requirements.

  • Limit Screen time

Set a time limit for using devices like smartphones, tablets, desktop and TV. Encourage more involving  activities like sports, gardening, art and craft, and more.

  • Encourage Reading

Encourage kids to read books that interest them. Reading in fact is an excellent way to improve focus and concentration.

  • Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Introduce your kid with various mindfulness techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation from an early age. This will allow them to be more aware of themselves or the surroundings and also greatly improve attention span.


It is important to note that concentration and focus are traits that not only allow kids to succeed in school, but also have a significant influence on their personality. It allows kids to grow into a more mature, dedicated, peaceful, and composed person. It also equips them to handle any life scenario with ease.

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