Importance of Logical Reasoning as a Subject since Early Years of Learning
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Importance of Logical Reasoning as a Subject since Early Years of Learning

Sep 28, 2022

THINKING, keeping in mind all the consequences & finding the best possible solution to a problem is the need of the hour. A stream of Learning – Logical Reasoning allows us to think critically for solving problems in the best possible way.

One thing is certain: in order to thrive in this competitive world, kids must be more than just book smarts; they must be critical thinkers who can independently analyse, compare and contrast, infer, and draw conclusions. Since young kids are curious and want to know everything around them, it provides an opportunity to easily instil any skills that would be difficult to acquire as adults.

Skills such as logical reasoning are essential to making accurate decisions at all stages of life. It also serves as the foundation for Maths, Computer Science, and many other disciplines. Competitive exams, such as the science and maths Olympiads, aim to evaluate a kid’s progress in this lifelong skill.

Here are some of the reasons why these skills should be included in kids’ early learning.

Improves Analytical Thinking

Logical Reasoning enables kids to think independently, they begin to understand options to reach a solution. They begin by weighing all possible outcomes, evaluating various options, and eventually arriving at the most favourable outcome. 

Stimulates Creativity and Innovation

It encourages kids to think outside the box and to find creative solutions to problems they face. It enables them to better explore new ideas and gives them a sense of control over the events in their lives. This will undoubtedly help them deal with more serious professional issues in the future.

Promotes Overall Brain Development

The truth is that only a practical approach can help kids improve their thinking abilities.  Experiential learning allows for the activation of various parts of the brain, including memory, logics, visual-shape memory, and others. It also allows them to differentiate between fact and fiction, animate and inanimate objects, maths and complex equations. As a result, it truly unlocks the brain’s full potential.

Improves Focus

Although kids are more curious than adults, their attention spans are less than 15 seconds. Certain problem-solving tests and STEM activities necessitate that kids concentrate for more than 15-20 minutes. The methods and strategies employed in this process keep them engrossed, thereby increasing their focus span.

Developing logical ability at an early age is critical for all aspects of kids’ lives and is the most essential 21st century skills to nurture. It broadens perspectives, improves coping mechanisms, and shapes young personalities. 

Thus, it is important to encourage kids to think critically and equip them with the most valuable tool they can have for their adult lives: the capacity for careful, creative, and logical thought.

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