How to Prepare for Olympiad Exam?

A step by step guide for kids for preparation of olympiad exams 2022

Olympiad examinations are the most popular competitive exams among schoolchildren. This is because they help in exploring the true capability and potential in kids. It encourages them to strive for a better and deeper understanding of concepts in order to improve their reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving abilities. This, in turn, makes them confident enough to face the challenges of the competitive world.

With the Olympiads exams 2022 just around the corner, here are a few tips to help you succeed in these exams.

  • Understand the question paper pattern

    The first and most important thing to do before beginning Olympiad exam preparation is to review the exam pattern and question paper format in terms of marking scheme, question types, and so on. This will assist in gaining an understanding of what to expect. As a result, a kid can develop strategies and plans to crack the exam from the start.

  • Understand the complete syllabus

    The next step is to familiarise oneself with the syllabus. The Olympiad syllabus, in terms of subjects, is pre-determined by various boards. Having a fair idea about the syllabus makes it easier to classify and concentrate on concepts based on one’s understanding.

  •  Examine various types of questions

    It is also necessary to anticipate the type of questions that will be asked. Know that the questions in Olympiad exams are all multiple choice questions and the question-paper format is typically divided into three sections: subjective, Higher Order Thinking Skills, both basic fundamentals and logical reasoning.

  • Identify the level of difficulty

    While the level of difficulty of the questions will vary depending on the class, it is important to note that in-depth concepts will be tested.  As the question paper is designed to assess logical reasoning and problem-solving skills, one cannot expect direct questions.

  • Choosing the right study material

    It is highly critical to get the appropriate study material that will assist in cracking the exam. To better understand, choose material that has a proper explanation of all topics in a simple yet effective manner. There are numerous resources available, both online and offline. ALLEN Skool plus workbooks have proven to be an excellent resource for Olympiad preparation. These have been designed by pedagogy experts and have crisp theory, colourful illustrations, and questions based on real-life situations. These are NEP aligned books.
  • Manage time

    When preparing for the Olympiad exam, time management is crucial in covering the entire syllabus for various subjects. It is strongly advised to allocate adequate time to each subject/topic in order to complete the entire syllabus. Do not forget to work on the weaker sections and ensure that no topics are overlooked.

  • Take a mock test

    Mock tests are typically designed topic by topic, making it easy for students to cover and assess their progress on a specific concept. It allows children to practise various questions in order to improve their accuracy and speed. Taking mock tests weekly or monthly is highly recommended. This ensures that the child is always prepared.

  • Practise and solve previous papers

    There is no doubt that practice is the key. Solving previous years question papers and sample paper sets helps students understand the types of questions asked in the exam, the level of difficulty of  the exam, and how many questions they can answer within the time limit. Practise as much as possible before the final Olympiad.

As kids get ready for Olympiads, we hope that these exam preparation tips will be very helpful. However, rather than concentrating solely on winning, kids should approach this competition as an opportunity to learn. The experience gained from competing in the Olympiad will help them maintain a positive outlook on achieving all of their life goals.


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