Guidelines to train children of every age for their holistic development.
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Guidelines to train children of every age for their holistic development.

Apr 4, 2020

Every parent relates to the feeling when children are at home all day, creating mess, NOT KEEPING QUIET and don’t want to study and play the whole day?

Let them take a break from their regular schedule completely because it’s time to have some fun learning. What they will do then? Handling them is a tough job?

More than books, videos, tuition classes, there are several things which are easy, yet most important to teach them to our children again from an early age. The learning and understanding at an early age is being focused because:

 It is the right age to train the brain. We at ALLEN Intellibrain aim to holistically develop children from an early age, which is the RIGHT age to Train the brain. According to Researches, it is a proven fact that in the early childhood period, children grab new things easily and remember them for the longest period.

With the studies, below is the guide to train children of every age which act as Developmental Milestones that are checkpoints on children’s development.

In the earliest age, children explore and observe things and they learn to do them in their own ways. Having a huge variety of toys, they should learn to arrange and assemble their toys.

Vacations in the wake of Corona virus (COVID-19) have given us a chance again to develop our children holistically. If your child knows most of them, it will be great and easy to teach him/her the remaining points and if not, it is a great opportunity to work on your child.

Teaching new things is an easy task but care and love is the most important aspect which parents can take care of, to make the learning easier.

  • In the earliest age, children explore and observe things and they learn to do them in their own ways. Having a huge variety of toys, they should learn to arrange and assemble their toys. This is the stage, where they learn to manage their precious and necessary things, when their toys are their treasure.
  • Children start brushing their teeth in the early stage of life but this is not their learning because parents help them doing this. Children are supposed to learn brushing their teeth independently at the early stage of life. A little supervision from parents for some days is necessary. Children should be taught to brush their teeth twice a day- in the morning and at night, before sleeping.

It is a step towards development when children attain perfection in things which they have learnt previously, which is a positive side of developmental milestones.

  • Kids often love to play with their clothes, but when it’s time to wear them, they need their loving parents to pamper them. In the pre-primary stage children are expected to wear and fold their clothes on their own. This is a step towards management in this age to keep things tidy and at proper place.
  • In the era of technology, when we are so dependent on it that actually we don’t use our brains. Also, we tend to save any important data or information in our mobile phone or browse things on the Internet in an addictive way. It is very important to introduce children with the importance of learning and memorizing the things. Learning names of family members with spellings, phone numbers of parents and address of home and school are the developmental milestones at this age. It is a basic step towards learning and remembering things, which they are supposed to do lifetime.
  • In the primary stage where children love to learn new things and helping their parents in the day to day chores, it will be an easy task to teach them packing their own lunch for their school routine. Items to pack should be given by parents or should be done in their guidance so that only the healthy food will be eaten by children instead of junk or insufficient food for the day. Because they don’t like eating……

Children will also be interested and should be taught making basic meals like milk, sandwich and other things under adult’s supervision.

  • In later age, when children are entering in the stage of maturity, some other things are expected from them to learn, where perfection has also been attained in the things learnt in the earlier stages of childhood.

In their childhood, children love to express themselves and talk a lot but what they don’t know is, what to say? It may happen that children attend the phone calls and they disconnect it quickly or not letting the concerned person (parents) handles the call. This makes the situation a little awkward. Children should be taught to attend and answer the phone calls properly.

  • In this age, when children learn languages, this step will act as their test about their progress and the fun part is, they will start learning the most fascinating thing of their age, COOKING. Children can help their parents trying out new food recipes by reading the instructions, which will give children the benefit as they will understand the names and will also be able to identify them by appearance and by taste.

“A person with zeal to learn, finds enjoyment in that learning”

  • Children in grade 8th and above are well disciplined and mature to understand the things, which is the age where their learning moves from basic to advanced level and continues forever as learning is an ongoing process. In this age, children are heading towards courage and many more opportunities, it is a basic step for them to learn spending quality time with their familiar and the safest place- their home. Mostly it happens in the nuclear families where parents unable to take their children to some places, this is the time, when it comes in practice. It will also take out the fear from living alone at the home.

This is the stage where children not only do the household chores but also takes interest in the works outside home which proves as a beneficial point in their learning.

  • Children should be more enhanced and trained with the important skills like communication skills, time management, and problem solving skills. Giving them small responsibilities will create the understanding and requirement to handle various things according to various circumstances.
  • Buying items from grocery store, depositions and withdrawal of cash and cheques at bank will make them understand the concept of money management and sense of financial skills.

It is an achievement by the time, our children attain adulthood. Below mentioned and many more skills according to time and situations will make them successful and responsible individuals.

Many things can be inculcated in children even from their early childhood but the initiative should be taken at a certain time. In earlier stages, children do things right or wrong (which even are right from their perspective), should be handled with care and patience.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

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