Follow These Positive Parenting Tips for happy and healthy child’s development
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Follow These Positive Parenting Tips for happy and healthy child’s development

Mar 17, 2020

“Build up yourself first To raise up your child next“

Every child takes birth in this universe taking a UNIQUE PERSONALITY, which more or less stays with him all his life but, the SURROUNDINGS in which the child grows, plays a major role in shaping this personality. A personality, which will stay with him, holding his hands, shaping his future. One’s personality can be different in various dimensions, temperament and character.

Positivity for better future:

Being PARENTS, it is your prime responsibility to inculcate positive personality in every dimension to groom them by developing CONFIDENCE to face the hurdles and challenges and, all this calls for an extreme amount of PATIENCE and softer side of YOU to make them the best they can be. You are their FIRST TEACHER; they will learn their LESSONS OF LIFE from you. MOTEHR AND FATHER IS ONE UNIT for a child. He needs their love, a good relationship between them and with him.

Trust First:

During the very first two years of his life, a child OBSERVES and do things, which make him obsessed with himself. This is a stage where he learns things around him, walking with his small feet, sitting, standing, uttering adorable words; this is the stage when he develops the sense of TRUST and being loved. This stage is followed by playing, imagining and bundle of fantasies and the learning keeps on going continually by knowledge, discipline, maturity, achievements and many more things in various phases of life.

Learning Atmosphere:

It may not be wrong to say that a large number of physical, mental changes and developments happen at the early stage of childhood that is why; it should be a PRIORITY for parents to full-fledged inculcate positive traits in them.  Your behaviour can do the wonders but can also spoil it. Atmosphere at the home will put a serious impact on his mind; aggressive behaviour, differences of opinions will make a personality difference over friendly, cooperative and healthy atmosphere.

Different parents, different approach:

Sometime your approaches can be prove wrong, because being extremely strict or lenient will not work in every case; as every child’s way of understanding is DIFFERENT and a very delicate process. Your words and instructions will work to a certain extent only, in early Childhood, children grasp more by actions, not by your words as they LEARN WHAT THEY SEE, more than what they hear.

Communication is the Key:

Differences in words and actions don’t mean lowering communication with your kids. Communication is the KEY TO SUCCESS; celebrate your parenting with your children by communicating with them. They have a lot to say, be calm and BE A GOOD LISTENER; they like to express themselves more by talking and describing, especially during the time when their language skills are developing, which is the initial stage of GAINING CONFIDENCE, their achievements, friends and many more. Give them support for clearing their queries and confusions by answering them, being rude and ignoring them will BE A HURDLE IN THEIR THINKING PROCESS and demotivate them. The positive point is that, more and more they will ask and solve will eventually make them excellent LEADERS and DECISION MAKERS.

Don’t Compare:

Another barrier in parenting is also when you compare them with others; comparison can lower their morale and hurt their self-respect, just APPRECIATE them, celebrate their success and promote them for their long and successful journey as they have their different skills and abilities which are developing.

The word ‘Personality’ is often misinterpreted by appearance and looks by emphasising on one’s clothes, grooming and health, which are only one aspect of overall personality development, but including knowledge, interpersonal skills, attitude and many more will make children’s personality balanced and will enhance your parenting too.

What is AECD ?

ALLEN’s Early Childhood Development is a module which aims to induce a Well Balanced Brain Development and a World-Class Learning in the students through an advanced curriculum which not only covers the topics under the Indian Standards but also the ones which are taught to Class 5 students at the Global Level. The sessions are delivered through an innovative methodology of Practical Exercises and hands on Experimentations.

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