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Benefits of coding for kids

  Top 5 Benefits of Coding For Kids

Benefits of Coding for kids – Learning coding for kids is being widely incorporated into lesson plans and curriculum by Educational Institutions worldwide. This is because, as technology becomes more…

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Python for kids

5 Reasons why Python Programming is Perfect for kids

Python for kids – Programming is one of the most important 21st-century skills to teach kids in order to help them get ready for the future. It not only increases…

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A Kid Performing Experiment as part of stem learning

Things to Know about STEM Learning at Early Age

In recent years, the concept of STEM-focused education has grown tremendously in popularity. There is also a strong emphasis on introducing activity-based learning at various levels. According to studies, the…

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Prepare for Olympiad 2023

How to Prepare for Olympiad Exam 2023?

Olympiad examinations are the most popular competitive exams among schoolchildren. This is because they help in exploring the true capability and potential in kids. It encourages them to strive for…

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learning toys.

How Learning Toys Influence the Life of a Kid?

Learning Toys for Kids – Playing is the most effective way to learn, especially for kids who are just starting to learn. They enjoy exploring and learning new things naturally…

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olympiad exams

What are Olympiad Exams?

Olympiads, also known as Olympiad Exams, are a type of competitive exam that focuses on identifying exceptional students with the highest potential, talent, aptitude, and IQ. It provides an excellent…

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A girl wearing a black tshirt is performing an experiment from stem activity box

Ensure your kid’s success with Hands-on learning with India’s leading STEM Activity Box

For some time now, there has been a lot of talk about hands-on training and STEM activities. Educationists all over the world agree that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths)…

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Imoportance of Logical Reasoning for Better Academics Performance

Importance of Logical Reasoning as a Subject since Early Years of Learning

THINKING, keeping in mind all the consequences & finding the best possible solution to a problem is the need of the hour. A stream of Learning – Logical Reasoning allows…

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A Girl Attending Coding Classes by ALLEN IntelliBrain through black Laptop

India’s Best Coding Classes for Kids

Coding is considered the language of the modern world and it has inarguably emerged as one of the most important skills to excel in this day in age of computers. …

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Educational Toys

What all things you can keep in mind while selecting Educational Toys for your kids

What all things you can keep in mind while selecting Educational Toys for your kids Do you think that learning only at schools is the best way of gaining knowledge…

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