Parenting Tips

Overcome phobia of maths in kids

How can a kid overcome Maths phobia?

Maths is one of the subjects that students fear the most out of all the subjects taught in school. There have been cases and events where kids have experienced severe…

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5 reasons why Python programming is perfect for kids

Programming is one of the most important 21st century skills to teach kids in order to help them get ready for the future. It not only increases the number of…

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A Kid Performing Experiment as part of stem learning

Things to Know about STEM Learning at Early Age

In recent years, the concept of STEM-focused education has grown tremendously in popularity. There is also a strong emphasis on introducing activity-based learning at various levels. According to studies, the…

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A step by step guide for kids for preparation of olympiad exams 2022

How to Prepare for Olympiad Exam?

Olympiad examinations are the most popular competitive exams among schoolchildren. This is because they help in exploring the true capability and potential in kids. It encourages them to strive for…

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A boy and girl performing stem activities at a bench

How Educational Toys Influence the Life of a Kid?

Playing is the most effective way to learn, especially for kids who are just starting to learn. They enjoy exploring and learning new things naturally from a very young age….

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A Parent attending a Parent-Teacher Meeting to discuss Kid Progress

What Should be discussed in a Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parent-teacher meetings can be stressful and intimidating for parents, but they also offer a great chance to bridge the gap between parents and teachers. Most of a kid’s personality development…

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Educational Toys

What all things you can keep in mind while selecting Educational Toys for your kids

What all things you can keep in mind while selecting Educational Toys for your kids Do you think that learning only at schools is the best way of gaining knowledge…

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Art of Healthy Living

Art of Healthy Living for a healthy childhood. Important Tips to maintain hygiene and protect ourselves from Corona Virus.

Cleanliness is the path towards “Goodliness” Health is our real wealth. Maintaining hygiene is the sign of good health. Hygiene refers to those day to day activities (habits) done for…

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Positive Parenting

Follow These Positive Parenting Tips for happy and healthy child’s development

“Build up yourself first To raise up your child next“ Every child takes birth in this universe taking a UNIQUE PERSONALITY, which more or less stays with him all his…

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Learning English

6 Effective Tips to Teach Your Kids English at Home – An expert guidance

LEARNING ENGLISH IS POSSIBLE SITTING AT HOME From many years we all have been very fascinated about learning English, we find it difficult to understand and if we understand we…

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