Can Vedic Maths Really Improve Your Kid’s Academic Performance?
Vedic Maths

Can Vedic Maths Really Improve Your Kid’s Academic Performance?

Jun 7, 2022

 “Everything around you is mathematics.” – Madam Shakuntala Devi

India, an ancient land of Mathematical genius – where Aryabhatta taught the world how to count from Zero to Infinity – is today, unfortunately, a land where Mathematics is feared by most. The highest number of failures in Class X Boards across states has been in Maths. Even our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has clearly stated in his “Man Ki Baat” broadcast that, the fear of Maths among students is a concern of national importance.


As the world is moving rapidly towards a technology-based future, Math Skills occupy a vital position in every kid’s academic growth. Higher Math skills enable kids to build lucrative careers in STEM education fields. Studies have shown that, on average, students with good Math skills get better job opportunities and higher salaries in the future.

Experts consider Maths as one of the best tools for strengthening the brain. Research shows that developing Math Skills boosts focus, concentration, and vital 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.


Maths has two aspects – one is conceptual knowledge and the other is calculation skills. In our traditional schooling system, Maths is typically treated as a subject and the focus is on concept building.

Where we fall short, is the calculation part. Math needs rigorous practice, just as any other skill like music or art. Moreover, long and complex calculations take a lot of time and effort, leaving room for errors.

Poor Calculation Skills fill kids with self-doubt causing them to slow down and commit silly mistakes. Low marks erode their confidence and lead to Math Phobia or Math Anxiety. Anxiety hampers the brain’s ability to think clearly, leading to further poor performance. The longer the problem is left unaddressed, the weaker will be the kid’s Math skills.


Weak Math Skills cause low self-esteem affecting performance in other subjects as well. Continued Math Phobia can affect brain plasticity or the ability to learn new things. Research shows that it may also alter the amygdala causing behavioral problems.

Math skills are required and appreciated in almost every job in the world. Kids who remain weak in Maths miss out on many good career opportunities. Thus, Math Phobia and weak Math Skills can negatively impact a kid’s-entire future.


As parents, we wonder how to improve our kids’ Math skills without pressurizing them. The solution to our present dilemma actually lies in our past.

Our Scriptures are a treasure trove of mathematical knowledge from which Jagadguru Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj has revived the ancient Indian Calculation Techniques and collated them as Vedic Mathematics or Vaidik Ganit.

Vedic Maths is a collection of just 16 Sutras or Mathematical Formulae which can be used to perform even the toughest calculations mentally, just in seconds. The methods are systematic, form a coherent unified structure, and have a wide range of applications.

The Vedic Maths techniques and tricks can be applied to solve complex Mathematical Problems involving extremely large numbers just in a couple of steps. They are simple and easy to learn and provide fast and accurate results.


Practising Vedic Mathematics helps kids to improve their concentration, memory, calculation speed, accuracy, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills. In a recent study conducted by an Indian University among students of Vedic Maths, almost 84% showed increased concentration and 98% showed an improvement in calculation skills.

However, Vedic Maths must be taught in a structured and kid-friendly manner and followed by regular practical application to be really effective. Therefore, with the right learning partner like ALLEN IntelliBrain, Vedic Maths could definitely help improve your kids’ academic performance. It’s proven.


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