A Quick Glance at STEM learning for Kids

A Quick Glance at STEM learning for Kids

Aug 13, 2022

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM activities are creative experiments and programs that may teach scientific ideas in an engaging manner to the learners. 

Building a volcano or oxidizing an apple can be some good examples to understand Academic Concepts by performing experiments.

The ideal STEM activities are those that are open-ended and include a challenge or problem for students to solve.

The education system has started involving STEM Based approach of learning and teaching. Compared to the conventional methods of teaching, STEM has proven to be far more effective and result-oriented.

As a parent, you must be more curious to understand what actually passes for a STEM activity

Let’s take a quick glance: 

Develops independent thinking

A STEM activity doesn’t just mean giving a bunch of practical examples, it is giving kids the means to generate ideas and implement them using Creativity & Problem Solving Ability. This boosts independent thinking in kids which is very crucial during the growing years.

Promotes Collaborative Mindset

Learners perform numerous Activities & Experiments with their peers, which develops a collaborative mindset. This way, they will not only find out different ways to solve a problem but also help them to understand the power of teamwork. 

STEM as a wholesome learning system

Yes, STEM helps kids learn better so they gain good results academically. 

But that’s not all. 

STEM is a wholesome activity where it helps in kids’ overall brain development. Through experiments, kids get opportunities to enhance their Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Problem-Solving. All of which are very crucial in creating a bright career in one’s life. 

Remember, it’s not just about the grades but the overall development of kids that matters. 

Real-World Relevance

The purpose of Education is not to overload a kid & make studies burdensome for them but to help them concentrate on building potential to implement knowledge in the real world. 

STEM activities provide the student with that type of power.

Many such practical exercises will train the minds of kids to be creative and problem-solving. Knowledge is powerful, but its application is much more so.

Now that you understand why parents should encourage kids into STEM activities, let’s see ways to actually do that. 

  • You can let your kids experiment with several household items available. This boosts their curiosity and allows them to learn in real-time. 
  • You can take part in those activities together with your kid, which is also another way to encourage them. 
  • Invite your kid’s friends and have them work together on an interesting STEM activity. 
  • Enroll them in a short-term course and see how they respond to it. Take baby steps. 
  • Teach STEM through art. For instance, ask them to build a robot from scrap material or to draw their idea of Jupiter. Something as simple as this can generate interest in kids. 
  • Keep the activities fun Because if they sense you are getting too much into ‘teaching mode’, they might lose interest. Keep it balanced so they have both fun and education. 
  • Go outdoors like camping and perform STEM activities there together with your kid. This feels refreshing and entertaining to kids. 

Finally, when you are dealing with kids, think like kids. Ask yourself, ‘what did I enjoy as a kid?’

And you’ll know the answers. 

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