A Kid’s Guide to the Plant Life Cycle
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A Kid’s Guide to the Plant Life Cycle

Mar 18, 2023

A life cycle is the series of changes that every living thing goes through as it grows and develops. It basically describes how a living thing begins, how it grows, reproduces, and eventually dies.

What is a Plant Life Cycle?

The stages that a plant goes through from the beginning of its existence to the end are referred to as the plant life cycle. A plant’s life cycle starts with a seed, then grows into a seedling, matures into an adult, produces flowers and seeds, and then begins a new cycle. This entire process is divided into 4 stages namely seed, germination, vegetative and reproductive. The different Stages of Plant can be defined as follows:

  • Seed Stage

A plant’s life cycle begins with a seed. A seed has a covering known as shell that also serves as its protection. Everything necessary to begin a new plant is within the shell. In order for the next stage of the life cycle to start, seeds are distributed, or spread, in a variety of ways.

  • Germination Stage

When the seed is exposed to air, sunshine, moisture, and the proper temperature, it begins to grow. It will eventually break or sprout, and the roots will force their way through the seed covering and begin growing into the earth. This is referred to as germination.

Plant Life Cycle
  • Vegetative Stage

At this stage, plants start to grow and develop. With the help of water, carbon dioxide, and sunshine, it performs photosynthesis and stores the resources that will be later required for flowering and reproduction.

  •  Reproductive Stage

At this stage of the plant life cycle, the plant has developed and reached maturity. When it has adequate growth, it begins to bloom. Flowers will draw bees and other pollinating insects, which will help in pollination and fertilisation as well as the development of fruit and seeds.

It’s important that we allow kids to experience the plant life cycle in order for them to better comprehend the principles mentioned above and many other topics. This may be done by incorporating the learning by doing technique, in which kids engage in activities or experiments and pick up new information. By doing this, parents may be confident that their kids will always grasp topics clearly and completely. It is also observed that the kids get more excited and interested in studying the subject when they take part in real experiments.

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