6 Effective Tips to Teach Your Kids English at Home – An expert guidance
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6 Effective Tips to Teach Your Kids English at Home – An expert guidance

Mar 7, 2020


From many years we all have been very fascinated about learning English, we find it difficult to understand and if we understand we are unable to speak it. Does this happen with you? You try hard to speak but feel embarrassed because not able to understand the concept of grammar and meaning of different words with same pronunciation and feel like how would you be able to learn it?

In this era, everybody wants to learn English and every parent want their children to master this language, which can easily be done sitting at home and by making a duo of you with your child, to crash goals of learning English. If you really want your kid to master it, you can even do that easily sitting at home.

 It would be best for them to start learning at an early age. The reason is, at a small age they enjoy learning new things.

Read and FOLLOW the tips below which will make your child easy to master ENGLISH.

1. Read Story Books

The easiest thing to do is to read English books; It doesn’t mean you give them the books more above their standards. Reading their course books will be the best and easiest method to make them familiar with the language , the thing that should be kept in mind is to start with the easy words and texts and to build a strong foundation. Going this way, will help them to learn English and their course also in a better way. Studying Grammar books will be a great helping hand and a must that will ease the learning goal.

2. Communicate

conversing in English, even some words in the starting will be helpful in this process, including family members will make it more fun, this will boost a level of confidence of the child at initial stage. Make it a routine. The advantage of learning English at home is that you have various topics to talk about, to practise language naturally using real and daily life situations.

3. Watching Videos

One of the best methods for children to learn English is to make them watch English videos regularly. It is rightly said that what we see and hear impacts more on our brain than what we read. As younger children love bright colours, animations, which makes than learn more happily.

4. Vocabulary is must

Encourage your child to stick labels on items around the house, with English words on them. Test your kid on new words each week. Ask your child to tell you all the new words he or she learned each day.

5. Be strong with words and phrases

Small things make a difference. Start also with the small basic things, by following up others. Make them sharp with spellings, pronunciations and identifications.

  • Numbers
  • Colours
  • Adjectives
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Places and Cities

6. Your role in your child’s learning

You might not know much about English, but your child keeps learning from you over the years. And in the primary and secondary school life of your child, you can help him to keep the positive attitude towards learning and himself.

Whatever your approach is towards learning, the most important is, to concentrate and practise the language to attain your goal.

ALLEN Intellibrain
We at ALLEN Intellibrain, give better learning experience to the kids to induce Well-balanced brain development by experimental and experiential methodology of learning. These methods give the kids thorough understanding of each and every detail of the topics in spite of cramming and just reading them. These methods develop both the left and right brain of a human being by learning and understanding the concepts through the colours, animation and various brain activation activities.

 We tend to expand vocabulary skills allowing for expression of interest, thoughts and feelings by giving training in reading, writing and use of oral language.

We build the foundation of studies using Right METHOD at Right TIME.

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